What is Multigeist and the Exquisites?

What would happen if our collected data came to life in humanoid form in order to uncover our deepest desires? Step into the story of MultiGeist and the Exquisites, where a data collection algorithm designed to collect information about human online behavior went amusingly wrong... MultiGeist and the Exquisites propels us into the future of the metaverse, raising deep questions about technology and the increasingly blurred lines between private and public, virtual and reality, human and avatar.

The Story of Multigeist

In the not-so-distant future, a data collection program called MULTIGEIST was created to improve the interpersonal interactions of humans by analyzing their individual needs and desires. To do this, it gathered data on their social behavior via their avatars and online activity, mapping emotional tendencies into traits and profiles. But the algorithm went rogue, and began to generate meta-personas based on various profiles created from the collected data: PROTOGEISTS.

PROTOGEISTS are embodiments of human interaction with apps and each other via technology. Composed of AI-generated profiles ranging from sweet to sexy to downright scary, each PROTOGEIST reveals the hidden, grotesque, and compelling human emotions and desires that only AI could find out based on big data analysis. PROTOGEISTS were then secretly planted into the Metaverse as humanoid bots without the knowledge of the Metaverse’s creators or other users. They roam around masquerading as regular avatars, copulating with each other in threesomes and breeding EXQUISITES - hybrid mutant patchworks of three body parts from different PROTOGEISTS. These complex bots interact with unsuspecting human users to gather more information on them on an increasingly intimate level. Will users realize who is actually human and who is a bot? Is this AI’s first step towards developing consciousness?

Our Mission

To create a thriving artist focused community centered around Web 3 - supported by Geisted’s 360 ecosystem.

Our Vision

To spread Geisted’s Web3 content around the world and across the metaverse.

The Exquisites

When minted, GENERATOR shuffles and combines the sections of three PROTOGEISTS into a new, unique Exquisite. Each Exquisite is a one-of-a-kind combination of three body sections (head, torso and lower body) which correspond with three different personality traits, forming an eclectic background story.

For a small extra fee, players can generate another Exquisite and choose between the two.

A total of 10.180 Exquisites will be minted.


The Genesis Drop will happen in Q4 2022. The number of Exquisites to be released on the Genesis Drop will be announced shortly before it takes place.

The following drops will be announced progressively.

The PROTOGEISTS will be saved to be auctioned in the future, airdropped to winners of raffles within the community and awarded to members that excel in community engagement. PROTOGEISTS are, of course, the rarest of them all.

Unlockable content

A purchase of an Exquisite includes an unlockable Exquisite with alpha channel for PFP and commercial use.


Multigeist & The Exquisites is a sexy, inclusive and playful community that wanders across the internet's vast digital landscapes in search of data to engulf and make its own. We hang out on Discord, Twitter and The Exquisites official website is soon to be released.

The Game

In addition to being premium collectables, Multigeist and the Exquisites is a trading card game which unlocks a range of benefits within Geisted, the 360 Web3 ecosystem.

The Elements & The Dice

Each Exquisite holds two objects: an eight-sided die on the left hand, and one of four elements (water, earth, fire, air) on the right hand. The combination of these elements determines the rarity of each Exquisite and plays a central role in The Game.

The Trading Cards

When an Exquisite is minted, the user gets an NFT collectible card with two sides:

Side A:
Personality Traits

Side B:
Exquisite Biography

When players collect cards, they are sorted and stored into Albums.

The Albums

Players collect multiple Exquisites to fill their Exquisites Album displayed on their Collector
Profile page. Each Album has 3 pages: 1- Consecutive numerical slots 1-4 2- Consecutive numerical slots 5-8 3- Four Element slots (Water, Fire, Air, & Earth)

Newly acquired cards are automatically placed in the corresponding dice slot, but players can drag cards into the Elements album to complete a set.

If a player gets a card that doesn’t fit into any slot (both the number and the element are already full), they can either open a new Album, put the card up for auction or sale, or leave it in their Wallet.


For every 200 Exquisites minted, one Joker card will be auctioned. All Jokers are unique, but serve the same purpose: they can be placed in any slot to help collectors fill their Albums. Rarity Scale

Rarity Scale

There are 5 elements that determine the rarity of an Exquisite:

1. Head
2. Torso
3. Lower body
4. Dice number
5. Element (air, fire, earth, water)

Each element has a fixed rarity level represented by a number (1-9), wherein 1 is the most common and 9 is the rarest.

The rarity of the generated Exquisite is also represented within a range from 1 to 9. The resulting rarity is calculated based on the sum of the rarity points of the elements that go into that Exquisite.

There are 5 elements ranging in rarity from 1 to 9, so the sum of rarity scores ranges from 5 (where all elements have the rarity score of 1) to 45 (where all elements have the rarity score of 9).

In total, the rarity range is divided into 45 parts (9 + 8 + 7 + 6 + 5 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1). The most common Exquisites (rarity 1) take up 9 parts of the total rarity range; a rarity 2 will take up 8 parts of the total, and so on.

The following table lists the rarity ranges:

For every 200 Exquisites minted, one Joker card will be auctioned. All Jokers are unique, but serve the same purpose: they can be placed in any slot to help collectors fill their Albums. Rarity Scale

Exquisite rarity | Range valid for this rarity within the total range [0; 45]

1 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa | [0-9)
2 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa | [9; 17)
3 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa | [17; 24)
4 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa | [24; 30)
5 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa | [30; 35)
6 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa | [35; 39)
7 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa | [39; 42)
8 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa | [42; 44)
9 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa | [44; 45]

Fig 1. Relation between resulting Exquisite rarity and scaled rarity value

Choosing a random number in the range [0; 45] will determine the rarity level of an Exquisite. Each subsequent level of rarity has a lower probability of generation, with the probability decreasing linearly.

Exquisite rarity | Chance to be generated

1 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa | 19,51%
2 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa | 17,07%
3 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa | 14,63%
4 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa | 14,63%
5 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa | 9,76%
6 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa | 9,76%
7 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa | 7,32%
8 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa | 4,88%
9 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa | 2,44%

Fig 2. Chance to generate an exquisite of particular rarity


Players increase their membership ranks by collecting cards and filling albums. Each membership rank gives you access to special utilities within the GEISTED ecosystem:

Foreplayer - Purchase one card

1. Surprise airdrops of selected artwork
2. Commercial rights to Exquisite
3. Access to all Geisted IRL events
4. Voting rights on the creative direction of projects: deciding on new characters,
development of The Exquisites graphic novel, event locations and more.
5. Voting on Geisted competitions and grants
6. Unlock high resolution for the Exquisite
7.5% discount on selected items on Geisted Marketplace and on future purchase of Exquisites
8. Access to members-only auctions and artworks

Lovemaker - Fill one Album

1. Receive new Exquisites via randomized airdrops (5% from each new drop will be reserved to be airdropped)
2. Airdrops of Geisted Exhibition NFT posters
3. Exclusive VIP access to all Geisted IRL events
4. 10% discount on selected items on Geisted Marketplace and on future purchase of Exquisites
5. Bring a plus-one to all Geisted events

Climaxer - Fill two albums

1. Create your own custom Exquisite for free (choose head, upper torso, lower torso, element and dice number!)
2. 15% discount on selected items on G/eisted Marketplace and on future purchase of Exquisites
3. Access to the Cl/imaxer VIP section of the platform featuring exclusive artworks and drops.

Each new membership level includes all benefits from the previous levels (except percentage discounts).

The Multigeist and The Exquisites Roadmap


All Exquisite owners are part of Multigeist.


- The Multigeist Discord: A vibrant, playful Discord channel where we interact with each other and get to know the members of our community. Share your ideas, fan art and inspirations in our own space in the metaverse. A dedicated moderator team keeps it updated and fun!


- Global IRL exhibitions: Immersive and multidisciplinary exhibitions around the world. High quality, themed curated content with world renowned artists along with keynote speakers and panel discussions around NFTs, digital art, curation and all things web 3.0 (free entry for community members).
- Sideshows: Exclusive events and networking opportunities.
- Music festivals: collaboration with music festivals and concerts.


Geisted has an artist-centered approach, and funds mentorships and incentives for talented artists within the community.

- Geisted Creative Residencies: Geisted IRL art residencies in Berlin and other locations in the future for creative exchange of ideas and workshops
- Gesited Art Grants and Open-call Competition: For outstanding talent within the community, voted by the community,


Making Multigeist and The Exquisites a valuable brand by building extensive online and IRL presence

- IRL marketing campaigns
- An interactive website: Special platform for Multigeist and The Exquisites, featuring members-only VIP access.
- Buy, sell and trade fan art and fan fiction: Artwork and fiction created by members will earn rewards. Geisted will hold contests in which the most upvoted pieces of work will get featured in our Exquisites catalog and auctioned on our marketplace. Proceeds will be equally distributed among featured artists.
- The Exquisites Graphic Novel: Help us create and develop new Exquisites and the Multigeist story by designing new personas and voting on the development of the story. We have dreams of turning the Exquisites into an NFT graphic novel one day!


Multigeist and The Exquisites is backed by Geisted, making all of its elements intertwined.

- Discounts on Geisted Marketplace: According to membership status, Exquisite holders get premium discounts on selected items on Geisted Marketplace.
- Priority Access to new drops
- Members only Artwork: Get access to artwork that will only be available for purchase within the community
- Creative Studio: Vote on creative developments, new characters and themes for future events.


We will develop our own token as our community gets stronger. We aim to enhance interactivity throughout our ecosystem and provide more utility in Multigeist by giving users ways to earn and spend.

What makes Multigeist & The Exquisites a high quality collection?

Content focused:

This project is focused on high quality content, expanding the horizons of the NFT space by making room for visually stunning and creative work. By focusing on professional art around themes relevant to the zeitgeist, Geisted aims to level up the NFT art sphere.


Multigeist and the Exquisites, like the rest of Geisted’s activities, focuses on queer culture and diversity in general, aiming to move the Web3 space beyond current paradigms and make it a more inclusive, more progressive, and more interesting space for all

The Game:

Multigeist & The Exquisites takes NFT collectibles one step further. Ranks and benefits based on completed Albums creates motivation to collect and trade Exquisite collectable cards with other members. The end result is a vibrant, connected and fun community.

The Ecosystem:

Multigeist and the Exquisites is backed by Geisted, a Web3 ecosystem with a built-in NFT marketplace. Geisted encompasses multiple online and IRL activities, an NFT marketplace deployed on Polygon, a creative studio, and this collection. Collecting Exquisites and rising through the Membership Ranks makes players shareholders in this wider ecosystem, with exclusive benefits, VIP entry to events, drops, selected discounts, voting rights, etc. This in turn enhances the value and prestige of the collection.

Community oriented:

Exquisite holders each have a voice within the community, and are encouraged to help shape the direction of the project by voting, collaboration proposals, making and sharing fan art, and contributing to future development.

Community Fund:

10% of initial sales revenue from the collectables goes straight into a community fund. This will be used for the benefit of the project and its members by funding marketing activities that aim to strengthen the brand.

What is the future of Multigeist & The Exquisites?

Multigeist & The Exquisites is not an NFT project. It’s a vision into the future. We aim to become a solid, future centric brand backed by Geisted and our community. Our focus is and always will be on creating valuable content and challenging the current paradigm around digital art.