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are NFT premium collectible cards with a delightfully complex backstory. But they are also so much more… When you collect EXQUISITES, you become a shareholder in a groundbreaking ecosystem with creatives at its heart: GEISTED.

Encompassing an online + offline community, IRL exhibitions and industry-leading events, a creative agency, digital art marketplace and more, GEISTED is shaping the future of digital assets in the Web3 landscape.


In the not-so-distant future, a data collection program called MULTIGEIST was created to improve the interpersonal interactions of humans by analyzing their individual needs and desires. To do this, it gathered data on their social behavior via their avatars and online activity, mapping emotional tendencies into traits and profiles.

But the algorithm went rogue, and began to generate meta-personas based on various profiles created from the collected data: PROTOGEISTS.

PROTOGEISTS are embodiments of human interaction with apps and each other via technology. Composed of AI-generated profiles ranging from sweet to sexy to downright scary, each PROTOGEIST reveals the hidden, grotesque, and compelling human emotions and desires that only AI could find out based on big data analysis. PROTOGEISTS were then secretly planted into the Metaverse as humanoid bots without the knowledge of the Metaverse’s creators or other users. They roam around masquerading as regular avatars, copulating with each other in threesomes and breeding EXQUISITES - hybrid mutant patchworks of three body parts from different PROTOGEISTS. These complex bots interact with unsuspecting human users to gather more information on them on an increasingly intimate level. Will users realize who is actually human and who is a bot? Is this AI’s first step towards developing consciousness?

When minted, GENERATOR shuffles and combines the sections of three PROTOGEISTS into a new, unique Exquisite. Each Exquisite is a one-of-a-kind combination of three body sections (head, torso and lower body) which correspond with three different personality traits, forming an eclectic background story.

For a small extra fee, players can generate another Exquisite and choose between the two.

A total of 10.180 Exquisites will be minted.

10,180 totally unique EXQUISITES premium collectible cards. Collect, trade, complete sets, fill albums, and curate your own little community of mutant AI bots.

The game

GENERATOR mixes a head, torso and lower body from three different PROTOGEISTS to form a totally unique, wonderfully mismatched Exquisite. Your unique Exquisite has its own bio on the flip side of the card. Each card features a dice numbered 1-8, and an element (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) and a Rarity scale from 1–9.


Collect multiple Exquisites to fill an ALBUM, displayed on your Collector Page on the Geisted platform. Each album has four slots for dice numbers 1-4 and 5-8, with four different elements for each set. Filling albums will increase your Membership Level, unlocking added Utilities, special deals, discounts, VIP access, and more…


Each new membership level includes all benefits included in the previous levels.


Acquiring an Exquisite gains you entry into GEISTED — a Web3 ecosystem that aims to revolutionize how we interact with digital creativity. It includes a premium, curated NFT platform, IRL exhibitions, a creative studio, a Discord community, and more. Read more about Geisted here

Our Mission

To create a thriving artist focused community centered around web3 - supported by Geisted’s multidisciplinary ecosystem

Our Vision

To spread Geisted’s Web3 content around the world and across the metaverse


With EXQUISITE ownership, you gain entry into a vibrant global community of digital content makers and creatives, as well as get free entry to GEISTED's immersive, multidisciplinary IRL events & exhibitions around the world.

The Team

Amir Fattal

Founder / CEO

Andrew Yourkin

Co-Founder / CTO

Eduard Reimer


Bianca Panozzo

Marketing + Creative

Ree Levin

Content + Creative

Volodymyr Bosyi

3D Designer